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The Brickfielder Golf Shirt is the world’s first golf shirt with integrated protective membrane on the back. We designed the shirt to keep key golf muscles warm – and help golfers maintain peak performance throughout the round.

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UV protected cotton touch polyester
UV protected cotton touch polyester


The windproof and water-repellent membrane is specially developed to be integrated in our golf shirt. It is also breathable, lightweight and with very good elasticity parameters.



The high-tech golf polo shirt needs cutting-edge technology fabrics with special properties which ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement for golfers.

Brickfielder Mens Golf Polo Shirts collection combines the elegant style with the newest technological breakthroughs. The clothings protect the posterior deltoid and trapezius muscles from hypothermia, help maintain comfortable body temperature and do not restrict movements. This is achieved thanks to the elastic windproof and water repellent breathable membrane integrated at the upper back part of these mens golf polo shirts, combined with the high quality 100% polyester wicking fabrics that keep you dry.

This is the golf shirt that we recommend for playing golf in windy and cloudy weather.  In addition to providing golfers with a unique benefit, the shirt is stylish and made to the highest standards.


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