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While playing golf most of the body heat is generated from the active muscles. When they are exposed to the effects of poor weather conditions, such as low temperatures and strong wind, they are prone to overcooling. The researches on the golf swing mechanics show that the upper and middle right portion of the trapezius muscle are the most active, irrespective of the golfer's handicap or swing.

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During the performance of the swing, a rotational movement of the shoulder girdle can be observed. The deltoid muscle that covers the shoulder from the collarbone to the humerus is highly active throughout this specific movement.



From 1965 onwards, many researches on muscle activity during golf swing have been performed. It has been established that throughout the back swing the right portion of the trapezius muscle is the most active one in the upper body.

Due to proper thermoregulation, human beings are capable of preserving a relatively permanent body temperature. Thus, the normal function of the biochemical processes in the body, necessary for good performance, is ensured. 

In line with this principle, we have created a golf shirt with a temperature control function which protects vital muscles from overcooling and stiffness. It is exactly because of these innovative features that our golf shirts are an excellent choice for cool and windy weather.

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